Does Your Wife Feel Lonely in Your Relationship?

One of the nicest things about being married is that you are not alone. You will always have someone to share your joy, sadness, triumphs, and failures with. When you are married, you have a constant companion and a trusty confidant. However, not all marriages work this way. There are some married couples who, after some time, grow apart. There are a lot of couples who live in the same roof but do not live the same lives. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll both be calling a divorce lawyer.

If you are one of the many husbands who are always preoccupied with work or are rarely at home, there is a high chance that you may be growing apart from your wife. A good husband will be concerned about this and will find ways to solve this problem.

To determine if your wife feel lonely in your relationship, here are some common signs to watch out for:

1. She has trouble sleeping and she seems to be losing weight.
Lonely people do not sleep well at night and do not have the appetite to eat well. If your wife is often restless in the morning and is not eating as much as she used to, she could be displaying signs of loneliness and depression.
2. She is often quiet and does not seem interested in what you say or do.
If your wife no longer pays much attention to you or is awfully quiet during dinner, she may be feeling depressed about your relationship. If she does not confide in you about what is bothering her, chances are, it is your relationship which troubles her so much. She may be isolating herself from you and your relationship.
3. She spends so much time with her friends.
Perhaps the reason your wife could be hanging out with her friends more than usual is that she finds comfort in them. She gets to confide in them and she feels less alone. She may be using this as a diversion from her loneliness in your relationship.

If you have noticed the signs that indicate your wife is feeling sad and lonely in your relationship, then it would not be too difficult for you to resolve the problem.

To avoid making your wife feel lonely in your relationship, here are some ways to make her happy and blissful again:
1. Talk to her.
The most possible reason your wife feel lonely in your relationship is that you no longer talk to her. During dinner, you may be too preoccupied with what happened at work that day or you may be too stressed to even ask how her work or day was. Try to change this about yourself and make an effort to talk to your wife. Share stories about your day, ask her about her plans for the weekend, or even commend her cooking. Even the simplest compliments or words will surely make your wife feel less alone.
2. Spend time with her.
Your wife may also be feeling lonely because you are rarely at home. Provided that your work keeps you busy and away, it is not enough reason to ignore your wife and her needs. When you are not too busy or at home, spend some quality time with your wife. Watch a movie together, go on dates, or even plan a romantic vacation with her. Make her feel that despite your busy schedule, she is still your priority.
3. Remind her that you love her.
In simple and grand ways, never forget to remind your wife how much you love her. A woman will not feel neglected if she is constantly reminded of her husband’s love. Kiss her before you leave the house, constantly check up on her during work, and even send her sweet messages or emails if you are apart.