Marriage Mediation 101

When people get married, they are all hopeful that they get to live a happily-ever-after life. Couples enter into a marriage happy and content. But as years pass by, a lot of things change and sometimes, the marriage changes for the worse. Some couples make it a point to make their marriage stronger while some end up separating. There are also some couples who acknowledge the problems in their marriage but still refuse to give up. These couples go through marital mediation.

If your marriage is on the rocks but you do not want to consider divorce or separation, you may want want to avail marriage mediation services.

Here are the basic facts about it marital mediation:
• What is marriage mediation?
Marriage mediation is an extrajudicial process wherein couples negotiate and resolve the conflicts involving their marriage. The couple lay down their problems before a marriage mediator and they willingly cooperate to find a compromise or a solution to these dilemmas.
This is a process availed of by couples who do not want to entertain divorce as an option to their problems.

• Who is a marriage mediator?

marriage mediatorA marriage mediator is a person who is trained to resolve marital issues. He or she uses alternative dispute techniques to help the couple identify and solve their problems. Also, a marriage mediator is responsible for providing advice and forms of encouragement as to how the couple can improve their married life.
Most of the time, a marriage mediator is a duly licensed psychotherapist or counsel.
• What problems can be included in marriage mediation?
Any issues involving the married couple can be the subject of marital mediation. Most of the time, the source of conflict between a couple are financial issues. A marriage mediator may assist the spouses in finding a way to solve this matter and at the same time, plan a concrete way of utilizing their finances without putting so much strain in their married life.
However, other issues such as infidelity, trust, miscommunication, and difficulty in raising children can also be the problems to be addressed in marriage mediation.
• How much do marriage mediation services cost?
Normally, mediators charge their clients by the hour and the fees of each marriage mediator vary. There are some mediators who charge $150 an hour while there are some, due to their expertise and experience, charge as high as $350.
Moreover, marriage mediation happens in sessions as short as 10 visits or as long as 20 appointments.
Marital mediation may cost a lot but compared to divorce fees, it is significantly lower and will not be as stressful, financially and emotionally.
• Why is marriage mediation important?
If you are very committed to staying together with your spouse, mediation will not just help you accomplish that but will also help you improve your relationship. Aside from helping you reach a solution to your marital problems, marriage mediation also lets you communicate effectively with your spouse and strengthen your relationship. Simply put, marriage mediation is important because it will save your marriage.